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Key Services

Website Design

Professional Website Design and Development

An attractive design and a well thought out user experience turns a good website to a great website.

This is why we have a dedicated web design team for doing just that. Our designers listen carefully, take down a brief and then with the boundaries in place we give them the freedom to think and create.

Our designers and developers work closely together; the end result is a website with great design and functionality which positions your organisations website ahead of your competitors.

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Developing online businesses

The UK is Europe’s leading e-retail economy, with sales estimated to reach €81bn in 2011.The UK e-retail market is currently growing at 18% per annum and in spite of the recession a staggering 37 million people shop online in the UK. TSG Creative’s proven Ecommerce solution will give your business the tools it needs to make the web work for you.

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Website Marketing

We can tell the world about how great your company is

So you have commissioned your all singing and dancing new website, its working its way up the search engines and your starting to see some traffic. Now what? Do you just sit and wait? Well no, of course not. A website which is working well and obeys the rules of usability and good construction still needs your help. Which is where Website Marketing comes into play.

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Graphic Design and Print

Specialists in Print, Branding, Web Design and Multimedia

Our in-house Graphic Design team are specialists in logo and branding, printed stationery, advertising, web design and other marketing collateral.

With years of experience they will ensure you receive a professional creative solution with a strong and clear message to give your business the impact required to stand out from your competitors.

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Case Study

Screenshots of the More People website

More People

MorePeople are a recruitment company based in Stamford who specialise in jobs in the fresh food, garden & leisure and horticultural sectors. Tandem was selected to re-develop their existing website in June 2011. Working with MorePeople and their design agency, designs were produced for the home and search pages. Tandem were asked to build an interactive search featuring a map of the UK. The brief was for a candidate to be able to view jobs by region and filter by keyword, job sector, job role and salary range. This functionality has been built on top of a bespoke job application and candidate-management system. The website also features a front end web service to allow a third party job board to post new jobs onto the MorePeople website. SEO friendly Url’s were used across the website and the design features 5 separate colour schemes for each of the different areas of the site.


  • ASP.NET 4.0
  • Candidate Application/Management System
  • JQuery/AJAX interactive image map
  • 5 website colour themes
  • Interactive Google Maps Directions (Geocode API)
  • Breeze Content Management System

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News / Announcements

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Event: Making your Website Work

Monday 28 November 2011

Creating a website without an online marketing strategy can be expensive and time-consuming mistake. Learn how to be more successful online by making your website work.

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Event: SEO Basics Workshop

Event: SEO Basics Workshop

Monday 21 November 2011

An introduction to SEO & the fundamentals of on-page optimisation. This workshop is ideal for existing website owners.

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MAS Funding

MAS Funding needs a Home!

Monday 07 March 2011

MAS (Manufacturing Advisory Service) has funding of around £975,000 to allocate.....

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The Studio Wall

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Farming the web

Tuesday 29 November 2011

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It's cool to be online

Tuesday 29 November 2011

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